Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Merci Buttercups?

Well I’ve finally carved out a bit of time from my crazy week to blog a little more…
The wonderful ladies I have Bible study with just headed home and Chris is out on a man date (but don’t tell him I called it that J).  Speaking of the ladies, you should check them out here and here. They are all such wonderful women, not just the ones with blogs! 

Anyways, so tonight I thought I’d address the name of the blog.  Why “Merci Buttercups” you ask?...well it’s kind of a story…
My grandmother Elaine was a wonderful Cajun-French woman, who…
 could have put Emeril to shame in the kitchen,
sang like an angel but also competed in 2 collegiate sports,
battled serious health issues all of her adult life,
worked full time,
raised three crazy kids and was a master at improvising,
was the only one who could put my cantankerous Grandpa in his place
and gave me a taste of her strawberry daiquiri when I was in middle school.

 And she did it all with the best of attitudes and a touch of class.  Well, at least that’s all us grandkids ever saw!

Here is a picture of her on her wedding day.  Wasn’t she lovely??

She wore a blue satin dress, and I wore a clipping of it pinned inside my wedding dress as my “something blue ”.  (Also, check out the crazy tie my grandpa is rocking..he was ahead of his time with the 80’s tie!)

As any true blooded Cajun woman will, she often threw some good ole’ Creole-French into her daily vocabulary. 
One of my earliest memories of her was helping her in the kitchen and I did something insignificant like hand her a wooden spoon and she leaned down, smiled and said “Merci Buttercups!”
It was one of her little French-ism’s she seamlessly used throughout the day and it always made me smile.
It’s something I’ve never forgotten and have always thought was such a lovely phrase.  So here’s to grandmothers and Merci Buttercups!

Today’s Simple Joy: Great time in fellowship with other women

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